Graffiti Canvas

Create a one-of-a-kind giant graffiti canvas using stencils that can be hung in the office!

Pre-event, your clients’ logo will be applied in white vinyl to a deep-edged canvas (or multiple canvases). At your event, these will be hung on a free-standing wall.
Over the course of two hours, and under the guidance of our graffiti experts, your guests will create artwork on the canvas using stencils and freehand spray paint techniques. The stencils can also be customised to fit in with the theme of your event.
Near the end of the activity, our team will remove the white vinyl from the surface of the canvas, revealing the logo. Guests are always in awe of this part of the activity as they don’t expect it to happen!
The canvases can be relocated and displayed elsewhere in the venue for the remainder of the event or can be removed and delivered to the client’s office at a later date.
Clients love this option as the canvases act as a reminder of the event and a representation of the great teamwork it took to create the artwork.


Each of our activations has a different price point depending on the scale of your event.

For specific costs, give us some details about your event here.

We will scale your preferred activation to the size of your event. Typically, we cater to groups of 50-1000 guests, but having provided live entertainment for groups of 10,000+, it is possible to scale up further.

Yes! Clients often like to display the finished artwork in their office as a reminder of the event. Post-event, our team will deliver the artwork to the clients’ office. Please note, we do not offer a hanging service.

All of our activations can take place either indoors or outdoors. Inside, we protect all nearby surfaces to prevent any damage. Outdoors, we either require cover or for the weather to be favourable.

We use 100% non-toxic water-based spray paint specifically designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. You could technically drink it if you wanted to (but we strongly advise against it!).

We apply floor covering to the surrounding area to ensure nothing gets damaged. We also complete regular checks throughout the activation in case a guest gets all Banksy on us! In the extremely unlikely event that a surface does get spray paint on it, we have specialised cleaning products that remove the paint without causing damage.

Not to worry! The colours and the stencils for your activation can be totally customised for your event and client. Using specific brand colours and brand iconography is a great way to tailor the activation to your client.