RYANAIR – Thumbing Home

We JOINed FORCES WITH GLOBAL AIRLINE GIANTS, RYANAIR, to boost their sales from Dublin Airport.

Armed with a busload of people, we invaded Belfast City for a truly unique guerrilla marketing stunt. The aim to drive business to Dublin airport from Belfast, promoting the routes that the airline does not currently offer from the city.


Five of the busiest Belfast thoroughfares were targeted and a string of would-be travellers lined the roadsides with their luggage and signage in an attempt to hitch a lift.  At the end of each line onlookers were met with a billboard informing them of the great Dublin-based Ryanair deals.


Additionally, we took control of Ryanair’s social media to create live content as the stunt unfolded.
An increase of flights booked from Dublin airport coupled with social media figures show the projects success:


  • 40k+ Instagram story views (highest all time reach).
  • 30k+ Project video views.
  • 700+ Project image likes.